Flexible and Intuitive HR Technology Platform

Flexible and Intuitive HR Technology Platform

Simple, flexible and intuitive Platform Applications

Organizations need simple, flexible and intuitive applications that can quickly adapt to their evolving HR requirements, streamline their HR processes and systems to control costs and better engage their workforce.

We believe that the HR needs of most organizations are currently served either by legacy providers offering outdated technology or multiple providers that partner together in an attempt to replicate a comprehensive product. These approaches often result in large up-front capital requirements, extended delivery times, high costs, low scalability and challenges with system integration.

Employee-friendly technology platform

Our user friendly technology platform allows for easy adoption by employees, enabling self-management of their life cycle activities in the cloud, which reduces the administrative burden on employers and increases employee productivity.

Our core HT Technology Solution is based on a single platform, there is no need to integrate, update or access multiple databases, which are common issues with competitor offerings that use multiple third- party systems in order to link together their HR Technology offerings.

Employee-friendly technology platform

Accurate, Actionable and real-time analytics

Additionally, The solution maintains data integrity for accurate, actionable and real-time analytics and business intelligence and helps clients minimize the risk of compliance errors due to inaccurate or missing information.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of our differentiated HR Technology Solution.

Comprehensive HCM solution

Our solution offers functionality that manages the entire employment life cycle for employers and employees, from recruitment to retirement. Our user-friendly applications help clients identify candidates, onboard employees, manage time and labor, administer payroll deductions and benefits, manage performance, off board employees and administer post-termination health benefits.

Core system of record enabling data analytics maintained on a single database

Our solution is based on a core system of record that contains payroll and HR information in one convenient database, thereby reducing costs by eliminating the need for multiple software products and vendors and the maintenance of employee data in numerous databases that have to be merged or synchronized. This core system of record allows our clients the ability to access and analyze accurate employee information to make business decisions based upon actionable, real-time, point-and-click analytics provided on our client dashboard;

Personalized support provided by trained personnel

Our solution is supported by one-on-one personal assistance from trained specialists. Services specialists are assigned to specific clients and are trained across all of our applications, ensuring they provide comprehensive, expert-level service;

Software-as-a-Service delivery model

Our SaaS delivery model allows clients with a geographically dispersed workforce to operate more efficiently and allows these clients to access and use our client- oriented Internet solution on demand and remotely through a standard web browser, smart phones, tablets and other web-enabled devices, which lowers the total cost of ownership as compared to on- premise products;

Cloud-based architecture

Our cloud-based architecture allows our solution to be implemented remotely and software enhancements and newly developed applications to be deployed without client disruption and involvement, which requires smaller investments in hardware, personnel, implementation time and consulting; and

Scalability to grow with our clients

Our solution offers improved scalability as our clients are able to use the same solution as their businesses grow by deploying applications as-needed in real-time, which allows clients to align HR Technology spending with evolving HR needs as compared to traditional HR Outsourcing and Technology Solutions. Our solutions provide the following key benefits to our clients:

  • Comprehensive cloud-based platform optimized to meet the payroll and HR needs;
  • Modern, intuitive user experience and self-service capabilities that significantly increase employee engagement;
  • Flexible and configurable platform that aligns with business processes and centralizes payroll and HR data;
  • Software as a service, or SaaS, delivery model that reduces total cost of ownership for our clients; and
  • Seamless data integration with our extensive partner ecosystem that saves time and expense and reduces the risk of errors.

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